Wednesday, December 30, 1970 - over half a century by humanly and financially engineering hundreds of microfrnachise networks Fazle Abed edcated and empowered billion women to change morality of economics and multiply trust in sustaining generations.   Minrofranchidses are often smallest postive cashlow businesses in the world; owned by village mothers they can be replicable millions of times serving life shaping needs. As networks they become hunicors- billion dolar startups that nobody aims to ecit from. In building a nation could trusted ciil society they can transform public institutions to serve instead of to politick and they value corporate leaders who clarify sustainable purpsoes of global market sectors. When asked are you a miracle worker, Abed said no but luck was on our side- for example BRAC (Bangadesh Rural Advance Collabs) having started thousands of women businesses asked government to bank for village women. In those first years of the nation the government said it alreday had too much to do banking for 10% living in cities and maintaining security at nations borders- hence microfinance plus started up. To see how consider these 36 most collaborative and joyful networks - the legacy abed asked everyone alive in 2020s helps under 30s to unite as first sdg generation by continue to humanise tech platform with billion poorest women. Parenthseis show Network's approximate compound age as at 2021. 
SDGoal 5 womens sdg entrepreneur networks as world's happiest COLLABSSDG1 financial services to end poverty4 Education for life & livelihoods2 Food/Agri for nutrition & ending famine..3 Last mile health services to sustain generation.
 5.4 Asian & Soujtern world's first partnership of 100 universities' graduates as first sustanability generation (20).1.1 change aid (49)... bottom-up, collab, mimic nature4.1 livelihood skills edu (49)
2.1 rice microF (47) 3.1 Oral Rehydration (43)
5.1 First metavillage platform of 100K people (15000 homes) -without electricity grids or connections to rest of nation (50)1.2 microfinance+ (45)4.2 primary school (35)2.2 veggie microF (44) 3.2 para-health last mile doordash basic meds (41)
5.3  brac internet- Abed's second quarter of century of poverty alleviation brings tech partner platforms and leapfrog opportunities1.3 Ultrapoor grad (30?) now 50 nations4.3 secondary apprinticeships (28)2.3 aravind arts & cash crops (43) 3,3 nationwide vaccination (36)
5.2 Outreach of Grassroots networking - first billion women to lift up half the sky - chinese and bangladesh share urgent action learning microfranchises goals 2 to 5 (different systems financially though mirror need as microfranchise counterbalances state interests in monopolising source of wealth) (47) china american friends help swap gift to brac super-rice variant for knowledge of oral rehydration) 1.6 brac 2nd headquarters - netherlands wins global social business constitutio (12)4.4 BU national university (20)2.4 poultry  over million livelihoods(20+) 3.4 tuberculosis and global fund partnerships (20)
5.5 Brac microfranchises start up in climate adaptability -smart vilage exchnages - eg brac social forestry (33) 1.5 bkash SDworld's cashless bank (10)4.5 early childhood playschool (15) now 50 nations Dairy (20) 3.5 convene world frugal programs (20) eg wash sanitation 
5,6 zoom me up scottie (learning curves 1 year cop26 ; 63 Abed graduation Glasgow U; Adam Smith 264th annual moral sentiments alumni networ).1.4 paradigm for SDnation's city bank (15)..4.6 Abed Luminaries with Yidan (3)2.6 leading 14 agri-nation value chains (10-20+) 3,6 James Grant (17) School Health- first world class at BU
this map of 36 collaborations came from briefings over the last decade of fazle abed's 50 years of designing collabs that supported a billion asian village women end poverty- abed wanted these adpate - one reason he spent the last 20 years of his life connecting worldwide university partnerships as well as continuing hos focus -partnerships supporting the building of the world's poorest and 8th most populous nation in 1971 by women through every village- age of action learning networks approximate as at 2021

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