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At TrillionDollarAudits &, we help audit compound risks of global markets that happen when global public private partnerships (PPP) are not grounded on what PGirlsP (historically the most neglected demographic) need as mothers, daughters, caregivers, community builders as well as human's smarter half. Please make 2022 Year of Preventing Food Politics PFP

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To stay grounded round PGP recommends benchmarking 50 year dev framework drawn up by agency of poorest village mothers and daughters linkedin across tropical asia. There are those in the aid industry who boast brilliant success with a billion people ending poverty - but did the aid industry do that or did a billion girls do it?


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Provided every one one of us helps transform education, our 1984 book 2025 report didn't waste time on who historians glorify : the lesson as UN sustainability crises accelerate is the time is now to Collab like never before

4 contributions to lifelong education helping youth improve their world with good livelihoods

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4.1 no sooner than fazle abed had spent his life savings on rebuilding 15000 homes 1972 (5.1 partnership platform metavillage 100000 people, transformation of aid industry 1.1) than he realised that the core purpose of brac needed to integrate lifelong livelihood training of village mothers and village microfranchises designed into nation's value chains of agriculture 2 and health services 3; thus a nation's education systems was built over half a century by and for the peoples starting with village mothers as entrepreneurs 1972 to 1984 and from 1984 also as village teachers

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4.2 Brac is well known for having designed the world's largest non-gov schooling system - perhaps its less well known that climate literacy embedded into the curriculum was core to education director safiqul islam

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4.5 can playschools change the world- here's my new years wish - covid is vanquished and we all up our game in happy safe community building - i can think of a better multiplier of family-connecting communities than local playschools - can you? ian macrae @abedmooc 2m From my neighborhood: group… on how playschools change communities is growing slowly but steadily - we'd like to unite other localities

4.6 networks of educational luminaries are growing up the world over as a tribute to one educators greatest of all fazle abed and a billionnaire who promised to be his luminary legacy- luminaries bring every relevant disciplines so schools and communities of the future leap ahead what has so far been a scary 21st C to be a kid in

5 collaboration platforms mapped - in this case so that girls audit sdg purposes of public-private

3 movements contributions to last mile health services and intergenerational gravity

2 nutritional and hydration value chains led/core influenced by collab: agricultures integration with nature and right to human energy (eg infants stunt if lack enough energy during first 1000 days)

1 collaborations around sustainable finance including hi-trust sme loans and family-fit savings - both collab own sustainability and impacts on all relevant sdg partners

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Bangladesh offers extraordinary insights into what happens when 90% of the people simultaneously build the financial services they need. You could say this began by accident. Having built homes for 100000 people Fazle Abed realised it was his responsibility to design as many positive cashflow microfranchises for village mothers todevelop life saving local servies to end famine, to provide basic health. With hundreds of these small enterprsies in operation brac asked the government to bank for them and was told the government could barely cope with the new nation's banking for 10% in the city. So the villagers needed to be empowered around their own financial services. Over 40 years a complete value chain of financial services for everyone apart from the very richest has been designed. Many NGOs have also followed the social business model - ie making them 70%+ sustainable as opposed to having to fundraise for every project.

1.1 1.2 Micriofranchsiing has transformed the aid business

1.4 Brac City bank is a leader in small enterprsie banking as well as second generation bridge as vilages sons and daughter move to the city. Its a founding benchmark of the world of global association of banks with values. Notably tech (eg digital ledgers) should make most of the cost of basic banking less, and therefore reachable to previously unbanked due to small transaction size. (This is opposite to many western nations experience where tech ended community banking and changed the model of banking from savings to debt). Bkash is the world largest cashless bank in population served. Brac International is the second hq for non-Bangladeshi development projects as well as instrumental in helping to make remittances as affordable as possible (Up to a third of Bangladesh's foreign currency earnings comes from remittances)

The one grant format in brac portfolio is ultra poor - evidenced by the 2019 nobel economics laureates banerji & duflo

XYZfactors = we subscribe to the economist's 1976 survey entrepreneurial revoilution upodated in our 1984 futures fieldbook 2025 report; the 3 generations (grand parent parents youth) of the 2 quarters of century linking old and new millennium gave 3 biggest chnage factors to naviagte transparently

ERX going green (including balance between smart rural and supercity) -including back from future valuation of climate crisis expoenentials

ERY youth humanising AIntel - all technolgies compounded since 1955 at 100 fold per decade - eg alumni of von neumann and intel - this x factor includes the adjectives tech eg fintech, health-tech and e- eg e-learning, e-commerce and ultimately concerns transpareny of algorithms, diversity of data, openness of agency (eg exclusion of middle men compounding risks either consciously or because manual analysis cant keep up with real time ai analysis flowing from every smart device and gps)

ERZ peaceful world trade infrastructure harmonising digital and real world exchanges both of physical and mental goods so that all lives matter mediated inter alia by millennial superheroines- for example artists such as can aid removal of borders being where past generations conflicts compound unless safety frees refugees and other batties to youth emotional intel that borders ultimately abuse (because holonic systems maths (see eg einstein -man's science is never wholly correct because nature interacts at more micro dynamic levels than man can measure) and nature's capital is put most at risk by manmade borders- see notes on this issue compiled during 150 years that the economist and alumni of adam smith (glasgow machine and moral startups) tried to live up to collaboration with queen victoria to transform from english as ruling empire to english mindset exploring transformational maps of commonwealth -above zero sum trade such as how apps of life-ctrical knowhow multiply value in use unlike consuming up things)

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