Monday, December 31, 1984

50 most exciting ideas in education 2025-1984

 ideas in 2021

learning passports - henrietta fore head of unicef converged debriefs from world economic forum january to rewired dubai 2021 december

wire up every school another fore promise weforum- to dubai

coalition of 50 universities who share their sdg alumni- sir fazle abed legacy promise -= unicorn 25 rc5.5


next phase of anywhere can khan academy


 norway's idea of no bad schools- changes required of government valuation of younger and elder half of nationfamilies demand no unsafe communities- short school days; minimal homework; no standardised exams every child/person owns their action learning dashboard= opposite of universities putting srudents 200000$ in debt to obtain top degree   type 2.0 mooc - c for cooperation- not about institution owning curriculum- discoveries include whic 7 minute moduls silo bustby 2010s the most valuable learnings in any skills area change every 5 years- how design smart education places and exchanges   
 everyone's role as lifelong learner and teach- end of education monopolising youth- most early teens need apprenticeships then later education coding and designing society's deepest data is opposite of classroom process - as are arts. sports, ... last mile service gaps - match with communities where 3 most trusted people arre deb- doctor-educator-banker- how billion poorest asian village women ended poverty of two thords of humans- continental asians    
  lancet one of the greatest missing curricula - peer to peer healht started prior to adolescence- eg life in a day of girl developing in culture when women hold up half the sky health and education grow economies across generation not vice versa    
    flow- csk research of genius- people who maximise percen of lifetime spent at experiential edge of own unique competence   
 opportunity - illiterate adult can be cosched to litercy in 3 months 

idea 0 - written in 1984 , hypotheses teacher of how to transform to best of hi-touch hi-tech opposite to waiting for a virus before ay national ebergy focused on opportunities and threats of digital learning - one early example some new zealand schools thelearningweb around gordon dryden- every opportunity to flip the classroom- student become journalists , teacher become chief searcher and coach not the sage on the stage- action learning flows become personalised- outside the classroom new year fortnight spent on phone in radio show- what is next billion dollar invention new zealand can do because usa wont do?


  feb 2021 -  if you click above we have replaced book still at amazon with dryden youtubes

what happened in 2000 - gordon interviewed on china tv- 

10 million families bought the book and demanded a learning revolution

- compare with the economist's 1977 survey of why china's development 

would depend on the largest happiest learning revolution in future 

history of the human race- why the un snapped up jack ma in 2015 

to be youth entrepreneurs greatest coach across the developing world-

 why ma having become one of the world's greatest market-maker 

promised to go back to his first livelihood teaching from sept2019-

 commerce cannot design purpose of the man happiness markets such as education health going green, 

youth's superstars being those who how communities do celebrate lives matter