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dubai learning curve from 2017

 back in 1995 legatum bank dubai he;ped stat mobile phone development for poorest

of the 15 asian countries i have been privileged to visitsince working with unilever indonesia 1983- dubai was the second last , and qatar the last

suddenly the middle esst is hosting amazing education summits in addition to its world trade idwa- host great summits- headhunt future indstries these summit attract you to

-here are some 2021 conversations with how youth linkin dubai to sustain the world - any errors are mine alone

Hi A your work out of dubai and for futures of sudanese and other youth is extraordinary - congrats

i have tried to interweave some possible connections but would love to understand more on each of your movements - i will do some browsing- overall do you have a 2021 diary of actions /key times for sponsor building? - and if so how does their diary interface with eg the before and after of the asian edu summits in december or glasgow cop26 or any of the blended un and other zooms

You are doing a lot of exciting things -they remind me of what friends and  i were trying to help linkin out of london until 2010 when my father died  2025 report - 37th year of re-editing edu ;  my experience of dc during obama years from 2009- the african diaspora had huge hope/commitment but obama he did not tackle the main hidden agenda as well as being buried in us health and finance crises-
i cannot see washington dc leaping forward in 2021- just stopping the trump rot is hard enough- 

i am more hopeful of un which has been virtually closed down but handful of women  who  understand education change see guterres every week- in my opinion these are

unw4 henrietta fore head of unicef- she has already promised dubai debriefings on learning passports and wiring up all schools
gordon browns lady in the un 
unw3 yasmine sherif -while others have had to zoom from outside un hq she keeps hosting events for gordon and all his responsibilities both as number 1 un education envoy and for his wife 15 year long refugee edu networks- sherif has made it clear everyone should linkin dubai
unw2 the un's youth ambassador  Jayathma Wickramanayake of Sri Lanka 
unw1 gutteres top female executive Amina J. Mohammed Deputy Secretary-General
while the un hq has been a ghost town the hope is these 4 women have taken over at least as far as youth and guterres in new york can leap forward this chaotic year

while i am oversimplifying unesco's leadership of education out of paris has often done its own thing but these 4 ladies and other proximity to guterres have blended with both unesco and technology of un out of geneva
so we have eg even unesco hosting an ai edu summit -the only space where the un is allowed to celebrate chinese youth at the moment -and consistent dubai has helped geneva keep tech sdg movements grounded at youth- community levels; they also know their way around all the world economic forum youth hubs

one of the movements i loved in 2005 london Leaders' Quest  - sounds similar to your project 1 

then as muftah mentioned we tried to connect youth with collaboration cafe  The Collaboration Cafe  not with privately owned hubs 

collaboration cafe was my friends' attempt to reduce the 3 day process of to 1 hour; i know harrison owen who founded open space in 1984; harrison used to run the global summit for system transformation experts - feedback from the summit saddened him- most said the coffee breaks as networking ops were far more relevant than listening to the podium expert; so at the next annual summit he flipped process- no podium speakers; since 1984 at least 500000 open spaces have been hosed in most countries; before hackathons or hubs open space facilitators linkedin borderless cultures and tried to understand how tech and communities were crashing into each other needing youth to engage at community levels not just what big universities globalise
please note there are many subtleties to facilitating that as a maths data guy i donr understand- if harrison sees something i am misdescribing -wonderful if he will correct me

in my view open space is both a joy and a literacy- nobody should ever be a teacher if they havent participated in open space- no kid should leave school without experiencing open space- in fact kids from 9 up could use lunch hours as open spaces if they were trusted to peer to peer processes- sadly open space would cause unstoppable transformation of education so it is banned by the same education unions etc that have minimalised digital edu until virus forced everyone to blend

the origin of open space as global un-summit has 3 sub-processes - second in the middle is the 3 day event
first is an invitation process- you make one specific broken system innovation - eg youth have no input to their future - only come if you are passionate about system solutions

the open space asks participants to walk into a middle of large circle - declare an issue or concept solution they want to discuss; market is made on wall of all the meetups; there is a process so that even if 20 meetings are hosted at same time each hour of the 3 days- everyone gets summary of any actions or forward networking ideas that emerged

3rd part of open space - from the end of the real event hopefully everyone goes forward as an alumni network continuing acrtion projects and even entrepreneur startups-this 3rd part does depend on the sponsors- while the process is only trusted if the sponsors come with no pre-conceptions, what the forward purpose-leadership or connectivity does isnt obvious to me- incidentally do have connections with any of afrca's ihubs; in my good hub guide since 2006 they have much more possibility for sdg generation than impact hub- the software ushahidi gave ihubs their own investment independence- impacthub never had an open source tech culture

so what can you OS in an hour - my view simplify: find a broken system issue; invite someone PRACTICAL who is paSsing through a city with a solution from other side of world to chair the cafe with maximum 10 people; use every network you can access to tell people come only if you are interested in listening to this and deciding if it could apply to peoples you are passionate about; i am still hoping on nov 6 glasgow middle saturday of cop26 when youth have 750 person space of glasgow university union that some collaboration cafes can be hosted or blended with zooms ; and that way enough scottish youth can then be linked in to at least one of the 3 education summits; it doesnt matter if collab cafe or other processes are used but in my lifetime scottish youth will never be on the world stage again - and the tine to agree climate, health, education, community sme financing all need new leaps forward if there is ever to be a sdg generation; 

love to know more about what you found in malaysia; did a lot of work for top people in unilever malaysia early 190s - also when jack ma helped host g20 he published wonderful youth ideas -malysia and rwanda were the 2 places who took him up on lifelong free advice; if you ever come across anyone in dubai or anywhere who still works with jack ma thats one of my deep underground searches- he returned full time to education sept 2019; tokyo olympics was going to have been his relaunch of g20 to g200 youth; but what with covid and politics he is still sharing ideas inside un headquarters but it seems only his african student collaboration movements are growing and probably kenya is one of his main portal

pan-africa infrastructure - with japan ticad, with china focac
i am interested in both china and japan pan africa summits - do you connect at all with ticad or focac


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Hi Chris,


Here I am sharing with you few things that I am working on in Dubai and Sudan:


1.    We gather young leaders from The Arab states for a Youth Leadership Program and trip to one of the developing nations, we used to do this program in Malaysia so we called the Malaysian expeirence, where young leaders from 7 Arab nations gather in Malaysia for one week to explore how Malaysian made it to nation building. They meet decision makers and visit government and private departments to explore their stories. ( ( (


2.    I am collaborating with a UK based social business which called SESA Community to Establish Young Leaders Specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice in Sudan, to help young people in Sudan to be more resilient and to overcome depression due to the social and economic tensions.(

  can you tell me- whats founder motive on main uk student connectors of sesa - also plase assume i dont understand - are there 2 sudans and if so do you work in one or both

3.    I am involved in building the capacity of Youth Workers in the Middle east and North African region so that they can better influnce the younger generation of the region. Here are more information on what we have been doing with this regards (

   worked in france for 8 years- the french view of mena seems deeper than usa or brttsh views; though quite frankly asia-africa relationships seem likely to me to empower youth sdgs in ways wont- happy to be surprised and still hopeful that under guterres un is transforming away from being west driven dev models

4.    What I am focusing on now is designing Youth Development Labs called “Kmboo” with the aim of empowering young people to build small sample of the future they want to see.. Based on Youth Development Simulation, a concept we are inventing. It is based on a question, can we simulate social development?! It meant to be alternative to formal higher education where we teach young people what they are interested in, in a practical approach and which can make for them a living (taching young people just on time not just in case) through building their capacity in development fields such as agriculture, health, media, education..etc and giving them a chance to conduct research on how these fields can be developed in their communities and then giving them small space of land to do simulation and build small sample of how they want these fields to look like in the future in terms of services and architecture. ( (

  should we do a zoom/collab cafe on this sounds like a big subject

 Best Regards,



footnore more on 260 years of conflicts of access to machines by humans - avery scottish diary of what went wrong with what watt and smith started at glasgow u 1760

(my family tree is complicated; my daughter was born in washington dc in 1997 as my mathematical polish-british wife was working on big data for nasa- isabella hopes to be a languages teacher - doing her ma on that at university of maryland)

but my side of family as diaspora scots we see the english empire as the root problem of colonial history which acceleated when scots adam smith and james watt gave engines to the world but london having failed to use engines to control usa from 1776 went on the rampage across african and especially asian coastlines); the economist was hounded in 1843 by james wilson whose goal was to network through lonon royal societies until queen victoria wanted to change from slavetrading to commonwealth) his 2 main projects were only half successful- he ended the corn laws but not before english land owners had stood by and seen half of ireland starve- this caused troubles for 150 years - and biden whose ethnicity is irish is clear he has no affinity with the english) both mt father and grandad had their student days interupted by world wars- so while those were part;y caused by mad rulers- systemically what the un needed to do from birth in 1945 was refloat major economies but demand the 7 big white empires and japan hree peoples development over everywhere they had colonised) if we look at ethicity
65% of people are asian -when it comes to sdg solutions-many great ones from 50 trips to asia
about 13% white - have much of the power of global finance, arms science published in english- but no idea of deep sustainability solutions such as those needed where places had no access to electrity grids but can leapfrog with solar and mobile
13% african- i have come across a lot of diaspora networks but havent really been to afroca; 
5% latin american -
-of course there are and should be overlaps -and there are places like the middle east at the crossroads and cross-seas of the old world - my 3 brief visits - two to dubai, 1 qatar excited me -same supercity possibilities as tokyo hong kong singapore seoul chinese supercity particularly if younger half of world are to be the sdg generation 

 the hidden agenda usaid hires about 20000 american expert subcontractors of development - the last thing they want to do is empower people locally because that would put them out of a job- because of this the diaspora and the development experts dont improve long-term- of course us government 4 year cycles are wrong timescale for coherent human development- and after 4 years of trump - net net i hope there is a rich world capital that hates youth more than dc because its the opposite of a sustainable smart city

one more thing cities or some regional level below federation of states is where digital gov or ai has chance of designing ral time platforms that empower people so glasgow rome barcelona are 3 0f the cities the eupopean union has punished most for daring to connect youth without borders; ... 

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its a pity american media never covers who loves brainstorming with china on how economics can develop peoples

at the 1=6 summit - IMF lagarde's said she finaly understood why her expert peers jim kim at world bank and antonio guterres were calling china's series of summits including the hangzhou g20 and belt road beijing may 2017 a turning point in future of humity - global2.0

jim kim is an amusing guy- his hack the world bank interview with freakonomics being pricless

yet he like jinping is just starting his second 5 year term; are youth succeeding in chnaging the wporld bank jim kim and pope francis dremaed of happening during his first year of leadership
i guess argentina g20 will be final answer to that one

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Premier underscores support for free trade, globalization
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