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URGENT - will women empowerment cooperation networks ever be FELT in USA? whither unless

 Will write to a longer list but there is urgency in usa east coast that we have all seen. Since 2008 0r 2001 the FELT combination of finance-education-Law&Love-Tech isnt working for millennials. Across east coast half of their livelihoods are being destroyed by over-examined and siloised education (that didnt even blend community with tech until covid). In particular naila and I attended over 40 east coast events with yunus where  families of luther king carter turner and other families and the whole noble peace laureates network between 2009 said they would arrange more or less any event he wanted with  climax happening in atlanta just as 2015 sdgs were launched as obama last hurrah as well as Jim Kims and health servants movements at world bank. Seeing none of this happened by sept 2016 kim with jack ma and melinda gates started digital cooperation which is today Guterres Un2.0    Do we have enough connections in any east coast state or other capital to collectively approach governor now elections are done. Additionally all the black american community leaders I trust most (after 14 yeras of research) say that February's event 20 annual sessions in of black communities meet wall street is their best shot of uniting- in baltimore rev al hathaway is along with chicago's jesse jackson the main person who knows how this works. In the college year the wind break of about 6 weeks is the only time students can incubate ideas-i studied this period at mit 100 k prize. Sadly any progress the un is making on tech and sgds is not understood by the mass of heartland americans; there is no space where what multilaterals lean and what community america needs to practice eith youth scales. And then just as community banking was being collapsed by subprime-crypto is now being made unsafe for communities. I realise peoples diaries are crammed but market change is about timing and networking actions when its possible to do them. Specifically on Law&love we know the worldwide number 1 movement of womens kindness and community actions replacing hate caused by law that never meets solutions peoples actually need. Ironically the bangladesh solutions that naila has studied lifelong and vincent as vice chancellor of abed university has connected these last 4 years were supposed to be partnered by all or soros wlth and connections through the musician university brad ny state, through tufts/talloires and tech in boston, across to budapest soros and von neumanns home town(soros has seen the eu enabling putin  a log ti,e) and up through arizona state as  tech university that emerged out of crow launching earth institute 25 yeras ago. Over in London where Makoto has moved naila particularly but also I know whom in high society and the bbc has helped King Charles royal societies concerned with climate and community and arts; and the reconciliation retreat space in windsor that John is just back from is an ideal space to host uk--to-world solutions. Should we do a zoom before thanksgiving. Is there any state or city we can in the next few weeks connect enough real momentum in. Ironically by may 2023 www, will have identified 10000 youthful storytellers of sdgs but I expect th will be least represented unless we can find at least one univesrity campus that frees its student time ti maximise connectivity after which that campus can ve the us main connector with all of guterres and tech 2.0. Since 1982 my main thing has twinned many asian counties youth futures with the west; so if only we could get one us campus free to reconnect exchnages with every community building solution asian women cooperatively connect we get a last chance that current us politics and media and maths of valuation will never see in time. More at As well as women empowerment redesigning law&Love, music, arts, fashion can all do that if youth own most of the value chain instead of the paedophiles and women abusers of hoollywood and michingan state (us olympics, penn state for colege football) . It is fascinating that the Dc attorney announced 48 hours ago a a suit again the commanders and the whole of the nfl for abusing citizens of dc - promising the violence culture snyder enabled would be ended when it got worse until their best player was actually shot. It could be our last best chance on black and womens lives matter at least out of DC that has never taken on sports before which with tv's dismal/violent/fear-ridden waste of the american psyche let alone intel hollows out communities and has made the overall culture of us universities rotten to be a female student in

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script episodes Zbee World -what if storytelling of womens emotional intel united the metaverse and un dev goals in time -guterres last 15 months to impact  Viruses seem to breed in places where humidity is 24/7/265- So There are particular reasons (including tropical health challenges - prevent pandemics) why over the 50 year that  former royal dutch oil company engineer fazle abed 2019-1970 was the most connected person empower billion village women - the values asian villagers women changed sustainability of humanity around were franciscan specifically paulo freire's portuguese pedagogy of the oppressed-(in addition please note that st francis original missionary alumni were female community health networks"clares" and male geeen followers- arts were also a much loved community-engaging space

 francis also bridged wester faiths and muslim ones; and we can think of marco polo as helping to bridge all asian consciousness network as well as world trade channels of the 13th century when the old world was the only world and trade from italian led eirope (med sea offering supertrading coastlines) to china and japan was the main worldwide enetrepreneurial pyrsuit

 since late 2015 the UN has been led by guterres - its unlikely that his successor from 2025 will be able to urgently continue digital sdg transformation the way womens intel can (even if the successsor is a woman - there is just not a person in aid world comparable to gurterres - hence the urgency of this thread - of course if you have better info we'd love to hear of it www.economistbank.co9m wash fc 

questions from to world's first trabsmedia agency for teh metaverse

I have 2 different sorts of query. My first query may not seem to be related to zbee's story but I think it is in the sense that if zbee's cast is already having a deep impact on the metaverse when her story is filmed that makes the story/audience much more happy relevant  curious than if the story runs before people/awareness of transmedia casts are shaping the metaverse

I have been thinking of 4 communities best known to me that could absolutely need bot curated mentorship (taken to the new level that metaverse BEEINGS and supporting tech and AI and deep learning data maps bring) - three are similar and focused , the 4th is the whole of action learning (and peer to peer) education ii in sustainability generation world --- what education is for! (the story of billion asian womens empowerment 2020-1970 known only to a few followers of fazle abed - i am having another go at assembling that om a family of blogs - eg ) 

Let me start with the 3 specific ones on Curation AIforgood:
John and I know Naila the lady who did the fieldwork with muhammad yunus that launched telephone girls in  bangladesh 1996. It was also the book call me now In those days one lady per village circle of 60 had the phone franchise (previously villages had no electricity no telecoms at all so the village telephone lady was both in the giant leap for womankind miracles of mobile and solar) - for a decade she became the circles village yellow pages (why yunus won the nobel peace prize) as well as telephone for hiring out. 16 years later naila split from yunus (and is now a maryland neighbor) -back in bangladesh she owns her own telecentre as well as her family's civil engineering company; it is staffed by acid attack female victims. Whilst part does general telecentre work; i believe another part is a telecentre curating abused women to support networks and indeed mentoring. 
Are we saying a "being" on the metaverse is now a leap ahead from editing telecntre support information? The reason I am asking- if this might be a core application then naila may already have a map of dozens of networks to be curated to deep advances in sdgs (she spends a lot of time in unwomen and with people like ted turners daughter and the second lady in kenya but naila also has about 50 cousins to look after so whom the funding circles she is in are realising what for is not something I understand). If you want john and me to ask naila to a an email or a zoom please say- her story like everyone to do with yunus is complex as he lost everything politically and came within  a few yards of being assassinated on one occasion in 2010

A second example is a bit similar. In san diego naila and qian chen (whose first visit from rural chine to usa was to attend un sgd launches and who has shadowed much on naila us events) and I know a lady who formed la maestra. It aims to be a one shop service centre for abou 20 services abused and sometimes illegal spanish speaking mothers need in sam diego. It evolved over 20 years as a matter of trust- when one of these ladies made a first need connection with la maestra it made sense to deliver her every need - and there was a period when the city government was doing nothing for this group  so again la maestra had to be the perfect curator (or as perfect as it could be)

The 3rd case is in baltimore - its the origina community where thurgood marshall grew up. One baptist reverent has in effect been the knowledge all youth need to survive- he's in pretty much every deep community support system in west baltimore. Sadly the police killing of freddie gray happened in part of his region and so the pope invited rev al over to share ideas.   Again John some music friends and naila know rev al - i cant help but wonder whether for communities where boys need as much help as girls there is the need for an Albe cast.

New York deadline- When it comes to guterres hosting september 2022 unga event education is not for purpose - we in fact go back to 1906! when Gandhi soon allied by Montessorri started designing one village schools for all ages with peer to peer practice curricula not teacher standard examined theory. This system has about 12 magic parts as well as many holes. The first magic part is it only takes 30 hours of children coaching a person to end illiteracy if optimal sequence of experiential learning is followed. The biggest hole is the peer to peer pre-adolescent womens health curriculum that the lancet had been demanding for over a decade now - mrs obama committed if she did anything to get this happening at least for the core part before and after girls start to menstruate but with no advance to date since trump and covid distracted all of what humans most deeply needed to network  

so when it come to zbee's script:
are you aiming for a tv series and if so is it anime or real actors?
does the story expect to be shown when there are examples out there of zbee casts providing deep curation support on the metaverse or before there is any visible community case? If the story is expected to come first I was missing something - basically I needed some summary - after eg episode 3 (or indeed any number - i am not sure of the episode's length 1 - seemed much the longest) what was it that I should now know about zbee family to want to keep following the story; why should i be celebrating zbee as an emerging supergirl - and about her family group's rituals the way eg potters casts plays with the imagination; about their inventor's disappearance and the intangibles of the plot .

 I do need to read the plots again  but as i say the context of are the transmedia casts already impacting the metaverse and what form are you aiming to execute the scripts in seems to matter (and yes i expect asia broadcast companies might execute very differently from western)  I could introduce you on linkedin to the un-partnering asian education commission led out of asia - its focus is ai in education and hi-touch hi-tech -in 2016 this was all connected - the japan lead was mator koike who I believe is pivota- she beleives every 11 year old girl should be introduced to zen in school- and she has promised post covid to have one last try and making new yoirk and tokyo sister cities in sdgs

thanks chris
PS IT might also be huge if jose joined in but I dont know how to do that
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un etrade week here - are any of your teams incleued 1

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Why do we need a feminist approach to tackling climate change?

Dear Christopher,

The Environment and Society Programme is delighted to invite you to our International Women's Day event on Feminist solutions to the climate crisis. The panel will highlight the critically important work being carried out by diverse feminist activists and researchers, and how the audience can centre gender and social equality in their work on climate change. Find more information and a link to register below.

Feminist solutions to the climate crisis

TUESDAY 8 MARCH | 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

Dr Sherilyn MacGregor, Co-Author of the Feminist Green New Deal

Titilope Ngozi Akosa, Executive Director, Centre for 21st Century Issues

Samantha Hargreaves, Director, WoMin African Alliance

Renata Koch Alvarenga, Founder, EmpoderaClima

Chair: Nina Jeffs, Schwarzman Academy Fellow, Chatham House

Gender inequality and climate change are closely intertwined. Due to their different and unequal social roles and status, women, girls and people of marginalised genders are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts, also differentiated by factors such as age, race, ability and location. They are also leading innovative solutions to climate change at all levels, especially in frontline communities. Yet as the Glasgow Women's Leadership statement recognised at COP26, there is still a lack of momentum for prioritising women's knowledge, tools and leadership in climate policy and action.

This International Women's Day panel will explore intersectional feminist approaches to solving the climate crisis. It will consider what feminist approaches can bring to climate change communication and movement building, spotlighting a range of local and regional gender-responsive climate initiatives. It will also discuss concrete examples of feminist and gender-responsive policies to address climate change, such as the Feminist Green New Deal. The panel will highlight the critically important work being carried out by diverse feminist activists and researchers, and how the audience can centre gender and social equality in their work on climate change.

Loss and damage - where are we now and what happens next?

Our first event on loss and damage outlined the key debates and discussed what progress has been made on advancing the loss and damage agenda within climate negotiations to date. 

A deep dive into loss and damage solutions

Our second event explored a deep dive into the progress and potential on loss and damage solutions, while also examining the hurdles that are still to overcome to make loss and damage support a reality. 

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