Tuesday, January 31, 2023

who are leading female ai journalists following

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Following Talking Biz News @talkingbiznews Biz journalism news, information and job openings for pens in pursuit of the bottom line. Black Lives Matter. Founded by @chrisroushNC Chris Roush. Michal Lev-Ram @mlevram Editor-at-Large & Editorial Director, Live Media at @FortuneMagazine . Creator of the @audible_com original, Operation Firewall. https://adbl.co/firewall Will Knight @willknight I write about AI for WIRED. @willknight@mastodon.social. Subscribe: https://wired.com/newsletter/fast-forward Guillermo Rauch @rauchg @vercel CEO Talia Goldberg @TaliaGold SF by day, NYC by blood, PDX at heart. Partner @BessemerVP Justine Moore @venturetwins Partner @a16z investing in all things AI 🤖 | Twin to @omooretweets Anna Holmes @AnnaHolmes Editor/writer/creative exec; aspiring cat lady. Formerly @jezebel , etc. Now working on a book for @crownpublishing . Isaiah Poritz @IsaiahPoritz Tech law reporter @BLaw | Tips: iporitz@bloombergindustry.com Follow me on bluesky: @poritz .bsky.social Chris Palmieri @cpalmieri Gerry Smith @gerryfsmith Reporter for @business . Views are my own. Tips: gsmith233@bloomberg.net Peter Guest @PeterGuest Journalist: features, investigations, edits, 📷s. Words & pictures in @WIRED , @techreview , @BW , @restofworld , etc. Voice on @SOEPTech . Daniela Sirtori-Cortina @dani_lsc Burgers, burritos and baristas reporter at @business (McD, Chipotle, Starbucks, etc.) / 🇨🇴 / opinions are my own / dsirtoricort@bloomberg.net Andrew Ng @AndrewYNg Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain. #ai #machinelearning, #deeplearning #MOOCs Sasha de Marigny @sashadem Not Australian | Head of Comms @AnthropicAI Sneha @heyhaitssneha Ethical AI @Microsoft | Music maker and producer of games and pods | Board member @SAAT4Wa , @thehatchschool | mumbaikar ☀️ seattlite 🌧 All opinions are my own!

Saturday, January 28, 2023


I started playshool's nextdoor group, MD, for 2 reasons. My daughter wants to advance as a 20-play school something educator and linguist- hopefully breathing good energy into this for 40+ more years.. Meanwhile, 40 years ago I-co-authored the start of a genre www.2025report.com which explored the idea that how education and digital grew up with each other would explain life's community ups and downs far more than any economist's or policy making algorithms or Justice's supreme overlords.

My dad was an economist www.economistdiary.com who had met von neumann in princeton in 1951 and been told to quiz leaders -what goods can peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade? Not everyone would get equal ops to be first explorers of virtual worlds and non human intellects. For example, since 1965 those lucky to be near enough intel's silicon valley have enjoyed 100 times more chips (blending real and artificial intel), One of the first readers to contact us in 1984 surprised us out of new zealand- he said he wanted to map learning from cradle to grave- and make sure that families understood half of human development happened before the age of 6. Now this included the fact that in poor humid places cut off from communications - half of infants may die of diarrhea or have their brain stunted unless their chief nurturer knows what to do. But its also about how much play versus violence surrounds a kid up to age 6, and indeed whether a kid gets a chance at double linguistic literacy or some other special skill of her family's tree. His book sold a few thousand copies in NZ and 10 million in....