Thursday, April 6, 2023

 Journeying with jeanne lim's world is happiest thing I  ever expect since japan ambassador to bangladesh kindly opened the door to friends and I travelling with sir fazle abed's last decade -abed was the grand winner of my father (Normam's) lifetime search for entrepreneurial revolution - see father's survey published xmas 1976 The Economist itself 25 years into dad's survey with von neumann on compounding good ai

By serendipity my first 2 intro to jeanne's world were due to fazle abed

spring 2016 was abed's 80th birthday- among many requests he was askedf to relay his voews on forast annual sdg4 review spet 2016 - jim kim and jack ma did this in his place as abed's cancer had by then become very patchy- what happened was the start of what is now year 9 of the UN tech envoy process - why WE now catalogue all cooperation projects by goal and tech components -people like dad drucket goffodd pinchot didnt talh about good and bad- they talked about knowledge co-worjer networkers new econo0my - valueing win-wins of life shaping knowhow across sommunities- of sourse this depended on designinbg eb1's integration of laclaya nd globally around peopel's lives - more at 

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