Friday, April 28, 2023

 AM top 30

aid 2.0 microfarnchise social busienes instad of charity ( redesign 5 value chains first  AM2.1finance AM2.2food 2.2.1 rice 2.2 vitamin veg 2.2.3 trade village-vity AM2.3 health 2.3.1 oral rehydration 2.3.2 doordasy 10 basic meds to build barefoot nursing bamgla style 2.3.3 nationwide vax AM2.4.1 parent liveihood ed, AM2.5 women-community webs WOM and WOP)

aid3.0 from 1995 mobile and solar platforms augment platforms wom (wordofmouth) wop (world of print)

aid4.0 first brainstorm steve jobs family and fazle abed 2001 - new university as benchmark fir 60 cooperation university : wifi foundation 2002 partners UN geneva - 3 billion jobs of millennias unimaginable in 20tth C  - more at

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