Monday, April 10, 2023

enter womenschatgpt alongside ....

 only women intel can help sustain millennial generation's sdg in time

womenschatgpt recommengs worldwide community cooperations with

fei-fei li founder of many college myltuplting networks all of which are needed to feminise ai and sustain sdg commynities

jeanne lim owner of

while its worth following chat smartest woman at openai - until it explain how its ownership went from foundation to coprorate in 2019 and current owners shares in 2023 its got a lot more to gravitate than womenschatgpt needs to celebrate


meanwhile traditional leading womens univertsities include wellesley; empowering scholarship networks include womensrhodes...

new women university models aim to be most cooperative platforms female graduates have ever accessed

discuss whether fazle abed's ybiuversity and first lady of qatar's womens education city campus are still on track for the vision first brainstormed between fazle abed and steve hibs fanily 2001 - watch out for where reeta roy partners womenschatgpts ....

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