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what's next after 15 most productive years on mother earth>
* Brooklyn's CTandon & WTsai . discusses the simplest maps of how UN is helping millennials be first sd generation .. see also WE GWB 1BG
Abed Abed had ideas to prevent extinction -here are the top 10 he discussed with us during 16 trips to bangladesh in his last decade The world would need cooperation between 60 new universities; their undergrad programs would be largely shared online but with local tutrs helping students do fieldtests replicating global village sdg solution -more
Abed had many comments on MOOCs these had not tried to design c for cooperation freeing youth to network across borders be these national , functional silos, or due to colleges certification monopolies he would have maximised new learning from world leaders zooms and ai curation as the metaevrse became main experiential learning platform ..more
Abed had revolutionised aid2.0 direct investment in microfranchsies and aid3.0 cashless banking and a banking for poorest enetry at ever stage of fincial value chain - eg city banking for smes particularly of daughters of village mothers;; ultra poverty graduation - a program that became the case on which nobek economis prize 2019 appears to have been centred; how would have expected his alumni to lead search for worldclassdaos - community building treasuries abed ideas motivated 2016 start of digital cooperation subsequently UN2 - guterres egov digital roadpmaking.abed would have wanted to help nominate membership of those daos to do with SHELFF - that goals 5 women building 100K person communities; goalf 3 health; goal 4 educaton goal 17&1 leadership ppartenr pkatofms and economics; goa2 food;
Welcome - we value hi-tech maps (see as well as servant leadership platforms energising 1000000 person villages where all lives matter. Help update 30 collaborations of the greatest economic miracle- see how a billion people ended extreme poverty. If younger half of world are to be the sustainability generation do you see urgent clues from 1 banking 2 food 3 health 4 education 5 women-empowered communities?

Friday, April 7, 2023

happy easter

 this is free one time event at Soundtrack New York flat on its 45 year  producer john kiehl recording extraordinary pbs and other storytellers as well as building on john's passions maths and music; its also a pre-rehearsal connecting some of biggest womens engineering colleges

we will be at flatiron studios from 4 pm wed april 12th

from fazle 80th burthday party spring 2016 we have followed year 1 review of sdg4 unga sept 2016 to unctad 2017 where digital cooperation initially connected jim kim jack ma with UNCTAD's kituyi amandeep gill sophia as un sdgs robot- in parallel houlin zhao ITU asked fei-fei li and xprize and ieee to launch aiforgood

 and on through 12 month reporting process linking in melinda gates of digital cooperation common agenda 8 or 9 zoom un envot brainstorms- 
meanwhile hong kong moved from robot to avatar and metaverse and fei-fei li kept an eye on versions of chatgpt she would recommend which she explained in dc on march 1 year 1 of - as far as we could see from global futures forum sdgschatgpt has not had a first brainstorm  even though women times water times jobs *qatar first lady sdgs advocate would have been our friend fazle abed's dream debrief

hong kong jeanne Home - beingAI is 

visiting new york's longest running recording studio to share knowhow - if you or team member can join please do - we want to defeat old ny ad world as much as 6000 teachers of new york unique want to

cheers chris macrae+1 240 316 8157 what kind of place do you share sustainable world >zero sum map  year 73

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