Saturday, November 12, 2022

URGENT - will women empowerment cooperation networks ever be FELT in USA? whither unless

 Will write to a longer list but there is urgency in usa east coast that we have all seen. Since 2008 0r 2001 the FELT combination of finance-education-Law&Love-Tech isnt working for millennials. Across east coast half of their livelihoods are being destroyed by over-examined and siloised education (that didnt even blend community with tech until covid). In particular naila and I attended over 40 east coast events with yunus where  families of luther king carter turner and other families and the whole noble peace laureates network between 2009 said they would arrange more or less any event he wanted with  climax happening in atlanta just as 2015 sdgs were launched as obama last hurrah as well as Jim Kims and health servants movements at world bank. Seeing none of this happened by sept 2016 kim with jack ma and melinda gates started digital cooperation which is today Guterres Un2.0    Do we have enough connections in any east coast state or other capital to collectively approach governor now elections are done. Additionally all the black american community leaders I trust most (after 14 yeras of research) say that February's event 20 annual sessions in of black communities meet wall street is their best shot of uniting- in baltimore rev al hathaway is along with chicago's jesse jackson the main person who knows how this works. In the college year the wind break of about 6 weeks is the only time students can incubate ideas-i studied this period at mit 100 k prize. Sadly any progress the un is making on tech and sgds is not understood by the mass of heartland americans; there is no space where what multilaterals lean and what community america needs to practice eith youth scales. And then just as community banking was being collapsed by subprime-crypto is now being made unsafe for communities. I realise peoples diaries are crammed but market change is about timing and networking actions when its possible to do them. Specifically on Law&love we know the worldwide number 1 movement of womens kindness and community actions replacing hate caused by law that never meets solutions peoples actually need. Ironically the bangladesh solutions that naila has studied lifelong and vincent as vice chancellor of abed university has connected these last 4 years were supposed to be partnered by all or soros wlth and connections through the musician university brad ny state, through tufts/talloires and tech in boston, across to budapest soros and von neumanns home town(soros has seen the eu enabling putin  a log ti,e) and up through arizona state as  tech university that emerged out of crow launching earth institute 25 yeras ago. Over in London where Makoto has moved naila particularly but also I know whom in high society and the bbc has helped King Charles royal societies concerned with climate and community and arts; and the reconciliation retreat space in windsor that John is just back from is an ideal space to host uk--to-world solutions. Should we do a zoom before thanksgiving. Is there any state or city we can in the next few weeks connect enough real momentum in. Ironically by may 2023 www, will have identified 10000 youthful storytellers of sdgs but I expect th will be least represented unless we can find at least one univesrity campus that frees its student time ti maximise connectivity after which that campus can ve the us main connector with all of guterres and tech 2.0. Since 1982 my main thing has twinned many asian counties youth futures with the west; so if only we could get one us campus free to reconnect exchnages with every community building solution asian women cooperatively connect we get a last chance that current us politics and media and maths of valuation will never see in time. More at As well as women empowerment redesigning law&Love, music, arts, fashion can all do that if youth own most of the value chain instead of the paedophiles and women abusers of hoollywood and michingan state (us olympics, penn state for colege football) . It is fascinating that the Dc attorney announced 48 hours ago a a suit again the commanders and the whole of the nfl for abusing citizens of dc - promising the violence culture snyder enabled would be ended when it got worse until their best player was actually shot. It could be our last best chance on black and womens lives matter at least out of DC that has never taken on sports before which with tv's dismal/violent/fear-ridden waste of the american psyche let alone intel hollows out communities and has made the overall culture of us universities rotten to be a female student in