Saturday, February 24, 2024

 Linkedin Unwomens: latest intelligences of women helping us all to save the world

Cantabs Clare Bryant - covid put her dual cambridge labs - as vet and medic in middle of everything ; Hassabis has put cambridge in the middle of biotech 250 million proteins databank alphafold2 - king charles has put ai world series in the middle of humanity - watch this space

You are invited to a special evening with Professor Clare Bryant, Professor of Innate Immunity on Thursday, February 22 at 6pm.

COVID, Ebola, HIV, Tuberculosis and influenza are all zoonosis – infectious diseases that jumped from non-human animals to humans. Join Professor Bryant as she outlines a new approach to study the origins of these pathogens that focuses on infectious and inflammatory disease, bridges biological, medical and physical sciences, and integrates the social and anthropological sciences, climate change science and biodiversity.

Following the lecture there will be a brief Q & A and time to connect with fellow Cambridge alumni over drinks and canapes.

Cambridge Centre for Zoonotic Research: a commercial approach underpinned by outstanding research

Zoonotic diseases are of critical importance to humans. All pandemics/epidemics of significant public health concern have been zoonoses, the most recent and devastating being the global Covid-19 pandemic. Other familiar pathogens, such as HIV, TB, influenza and Ebola are all zoonoses. These diseases have a major cost to human life and continue to affect populations worldwide. Climate change will have a profound effect on the opportunities for pathogen spillover to the human population. We need to understand where the pathogens come from, how they spread, how they evolve, how they hide in animals, how they jump species, the immune responses they cause in humans and animals, how to predict the most likely pathogens to cause a pandemic, how we can detect/diagnose them and how to prevent or reduce the impact of an outbreak to prevent it becoming a pandemic.  A new, sustainable approach is needed.

Vision of the Centre

We propose to establish a forward-thinking interdisciplinary Centre for Research in Zoonoses at the University of Cambridge in association with Queens’ College.

The goals of the proposed Centre are:

  • To build a sustainable centre of diverse multi-disciplinary outstanding scientist-entrepreneurs supported by world leading experts
  • To disrupt conventional research approaches to zoonotic infectious disease by providing rapidly translatable solutions underpinned by the social, economic and political reality.

The vision of the proposed Centre is:

  • To build a multi-disciplinary unit focusing on infectious and inflammatory disease that bridges biological, medical and physical sciences integrating the social and anthropological sciences, climate change science and biodiversity
  • To integrate entrepreneurship, translational science and spin out ventures to ensure investment, financial return on investment and sustainable funding, in line with the UK’s industrial strategy
  • Work in partnership with global surveillance centres and key biodiversity centres

Sunday, February 4, 2024

 Cooperation's deepest learning network emerged from Asian (two thirds of) human development and celebrates biggest population-good advance ever seen in one 30 year generative cycle. This revolves round oral rehydration without which maternal intelligence impacting a quarter of humans in tropical Asian continent were constrained life expectancy in 40s through the end of the 20th c (ie while village Asia meant with no electricity grids and no outside communications lines except word of mouth and where literae word of book)

Engineering advances in Intelligence WHY: Womens*Humans*Youth -AI URGENT CROSSROADS

when it comes to 22 leading women intelligences to have linked in with silicon valley as humanity's greatest hope that AI will celebrate WHY ( intel needed for millennials to generate sustainability we have guessed at sequence importance from 2001- why because tech valley's most influential female hosts to be linked in from 2001 were first gravitated around 65th birthday wish party of fazle abed (see abedmooc) are  Mrs Jobs Gates Doehhr; Mrs Yang, Koike Osaka and Brown due to Japanese education will have known and applied oral rehydration's foundational importance to healthy family development (life expectancy) in tropics; Roy Moza Koller Ibrahim connections with middle east will have made knowhow elementary to their upbringing ;  Maguire, Fei-Fei Li, Karika, Doudna Priscilla Chan will also have grown up with this knowhow but their impacts linking in AI world as well as Stanford appear to have occurred from 2009 onwards; whilst remaining five may have known about dirty water's killing more recent as their own platforms have converged with the other women intelligence multipliers

 Health Intelligence World's most valued Case Study- Economies do not grow across generations of a nation (let alone generative intelligence) wherever kids die of water born diseases and until such last mile service cures raise life expectancy from 40s to 60s. Before the innovation of engines type 4 (communications) and 5 (electricity) mediated worldwide out of Switzerland, this grand challenge was discovered by queen victoria 1860 when her envoy (James) for building chartered bank by and for quarter of human beings dies of diarrhea 1860; discovery was tragically repeated 1884 on one of first trips to Rome by one of the first leaders of Pacific Coast America under English speaking admin; but it wasnt until 1972 that the mothers built what was to be the 8th most populous nation; and it wasnt known to PC world leading families Jobs & Gates to 2001. Whilst this is in human population terms the most valuable study, monetarily its transactional weatlh is near zero because the cure is every mother knowing how to give infants a precise recipe of bi=oiled water sugar salt. Life critical knowhow applied in time actions above zero sum trading models that cause big bankers of zero sum games to spin ignorance lobbies to ever more terrifying heights.

  • Womens Valley Deep Intel Case1 Year 24 (Abed)*Jobs*Gates*Doehhr ... Yang*Koike*Osaka*Brown*Roy*Koller*Moza*Ibrahim*Maguire*Li*Tsai*Karika*Doudna*Priscila Chan*Condy Rice*Biles*YKim*King*Mackenzie

Saturday, February 3, 2024

 When we look at women who are helping intelligence regenerate what the younger half of the world needs most to be sustainable we can broadly map 4 groups:

1 The world's most influential women who have since 2012 recognised breakthrough in AI (Artificial Intelligence) supporting humans - human centric AI or HAI for short.

2 those who helped AI become a breakthrough for humanity from 2012 not juts  big digital company's private algorithms

3 influential women who have been investing in other technologies but now see that ai is increasingly in the middle of all technologies- for example it wasn't until around 2022 that AI alphafold2 gifted biotechnologists and related disciplines maps of natures 250 million proteins- some say this would traditionally have take a billion years of phd work

4 women who are celebrated for one thing -eg world famous sportstars, popstars - but also have a mission for humanity

; actually AI is also able to give back huge amounts of leading edge knowhow to young women on mental or physical health; this is because Ms Clara Wu Tsai the main sponsor of neuroscience labs at stanfird and yale also owns women basket ball teams and givers brooklyns bartclay centre- she has for long been interested in some key differences in young women performance development which previously were diluted by mainly studying male data at world class performance levels. Recently Clara was also elected to the main trustee board of stanfird further evidence of her work as a super collaborator

Among well known Western philanthropists nobody connects all four of the above AI Very Good rationales quite like Melinda Gates. This is because she has been supporting those in the middle of human ai breakthough since 2014 by co-founding an NGO platform ai-4-all with Fei-Fei Li with arguably the most successful coroporate leader of the last decafe nvidia's ceo jensen huang.

Gates went on with Fei-Fei Li to help UN design transformations to its organisation wherever partners seriously aimed to progress SDGs. And Li used the ai-4-all platform to testing to congress that the superchats were coming and the biggest national advantage/disadvantage would depend on how much prep govs did for this

A year later after 18 months as chief scientist at Google Cloud, Stanford asked Fei-Fei Li to launch HAI- effectively offering any discipline the opportunity to blend its AI future. Ang Gates asked Fei-Fei Li to contribute a book rin her offprint of deepest changes to women empowerment ever.

Gates has also been an active participant in celebrating the best news of the otherwise sad year of 2001. Effectively Silicon Valley had never really hosted a series on best solutions since 1970 of women empowering the end of poverty

Comparing womens views of world mediated by womens intelligence seems humanity's last best chance - consider these 3 womens views plus japans where unlike old wester nations we can see an elders world view that still values a nation's youth as its greatest asset and attempts to use the sdgs as combinatorial codes

Legend : Fei-Fei Li's

AI-4-ALL =trasform edu as to how teachers and students and everyone improves each others intelligences

IMAGENET AI -triaining computer vision has changed coding so machines can directly advise (or in robots case work) on innovation/productivity/sdg challenges of 20000 entities that humans work, play and build the world with; in 2012 it was this 20 million databank that woke up society to AI as humans best partner in millennials futures as well as breaking through academic silos which had made education unfit for purpose "Antonio Guterres"

Nature AI - Mathematicians and foundational scientists (eg those finding cures to viruses!) need to work at nature's nanotech level of systems maps - alpafol2 may have saved humans from a billion years of research time in open sourcing 250 million proteins probably greatest single biotech leap courtesy google brain and Hassabis deepmind

LARGE LLM REALITY -how we design large language mediation models is our last chance after 25 years of designing hatred spinning and ever faker media

==== In 2001 Fazle Abed (deep epicentre of advancing millennuium goals) on behalf of billion poorest Asian village mothers shared with silicon valley 30 years of progress on business design and cvomunnnity building sgds 53421 by poorest mothers She-too*HealthEducatin(leadership0Food Finance. Asked for partners support needed over next 20 years now that womens communities were starting to test solar and mobile Abed clarified 3 transformatiosn whoich vilage communitiesd cant make on their own but hope intelliugence will include them in

going green in reality and in livelihood design

designing win-win trade infrastructiure connecting girls and youth - notably in term of histriry's ciolonia accidents bangladesh and myanmar had been left our of world trade being partitioned between china insia and rest of continental asean

transition 3 needed to chnage peace and stewardsjhip oof ocean, land and climate

Abed's life experiemce was unique in world of those on earth between 1936-2019; he'd assigned 50 years to helping the 90% of rural women build new nation of bangladesh having previously narrowly escaped assassination by his employer as regional ceo for Royal Dutch Shell and the west Pakistan occupying army. Its interesting that over these 50 yrears the Royal Damilies of UK and Netherlands became his biggest innovation supporters particularly if you map colonial histiry where it was these 2 countries who between 500 and 1945 (especially adter Brits were shunned by americans desined investment inclusion and exclusion across the continent of Asia


From condoleeza experience of supporting stanfird students to contribute tech policymakers most need to value expoential change with - her lenses appear to be

10 techs changing world most

dialogues between all who shape future policy given age we live in of up to 1000 times more tech per decade

keeping finance real for 8 billion hyumans to develop round

making sure girls youth colred and poor are included

Thursday, February 1, 2024

IF Fei Fei Li was a university we see her alumni sharing her north star ai4all changing education so everyone is improving everyone's intelligence; 
her south star remains as per her undergraduate days as curious physicist inspired by einstein natures ai; 
what changed the world was li choosing to do a phd aimed at bring neuorscience and computation together for first time since the death of Neumann-Einstein-Turing - ; fortuately stanford in 2009 was looking for someone happy to spend a decade hosting the most co-creative worldwide competition with urgency millennials need to be the renewable generation

IMAGENET - how we code computers to id with the 20000 entities humans most work/play on mother earth- when neural network algorithms proved computers could vision with 20000 entities imagenet (that took 20 million images altogether to emerge deep learning) so ending ai winter and  awakening every investment power in the valley and human intelligence; hassabis natural science ai being the bet that computers could deep data map 250 million proteins of nature; the first 2 leaders to give li extra support were nvidia's ceo jensen huang and melinda gates- their funding co-created education ai's most open ngo and the rest is the future of the woman who fingers crossed will have a long enough life to be greatest maths wiz of all time
We can use 12 dimensions of worlds to see on others who can multiply intelligence goods - coming soon condoleezza rice - or see what happened in DC last week