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* Brooklyn's CTandon & WTsai . discusses the simplest maps of how UN is helping millennials be first sd generation .. see also WE GWB 1BG
Abed Abed had ideas to prevent extinction -here are the top 10 he discussed with us during 16 trips to bangladesh in his last decade The world would need cooperation between 60 new universities; their undergrad programs would be largely shared online but with local tutrs helping students do fieldtests replicating global village sdg solution -more
Abed had many comments on MOOCs these had not tried to design c for cooperation freeing youth to network across borders be these national , functional silos, or due to colleges certification monopolies he would have maximised new learning from world leaders zooms and ai curation as the metaevrse became main experiential learning platform ..more
Abed had revolutionised aid2.0 direct investment in microfranchsies and aid3.0 cashless banking and a banking for poorest enetry at ever stage of fincial value chain - eg city banking for smes particularly of daughters of village mothers;; ultra poverty graduation - a program that became the case on which nobek economis prize 2019 appears to have been centred; how would have expected his alumni to lead search for worldclassdaos - community building treasuries abed ideas motivated 2016 start of digital cooperation subsequently UN2 - guterres egov digital roadpmaking.abed would have wanted to help nominate membership of those daos to do with SHELFF - that goals 5 women building 100K person communities; goalf 3 health; goal 4 educaton goal 17&1 leadership ppartenr pkatofms and economics; goa2 food;
Welcome - we value hi-tech maps (see as well as servant leadership platforms energising 1000000 person villages where all lives matter. Help update 30 collaborations of the greatest economic miracle- see how a billion people ended extreme poverty. If younger half of world are to be the sustainability generation do you see urgent clues from 1 banking 2 food 3 health 4 education 5 women-empowered communities?

Monday, December 31, 1984

50 most exciting ideas in education 2025-1984

 ideas in 2021

learning passports - henrietta fore head of unicef converged debriefs from world economic forum january to rewired dubai 2021 december

wire up every school another fore promise weforum- to dubai

coalition of 50 universities who share their sdg alumni- sir fazle abed legacy promise -= unicorn 25 rc5.5


next phase of anywhere can khan academy


 norway's idea of no bad schools- changes required of government valuation of younger and elder half of nationfamilies demand no unsafe communities- short school days; minimal homework; no standardised exams every child/person owns their action learning dashboard= opposite of universities putting srudents 200000$ in debt to obtain top degree   type 2.0 mooc - c for cooperation- not about institution owning curriculum- discoveries include whic 7 minute moduls silo bustby 2010s the most valuable learnings in any skills area change every 5 years- how design smart education places and exchanges   
 everyone's role as lifelong learner and teach- end of education monopolising youth- most early teens need apprenticeships then later education coding and designing society's deepest data is opposite of classroom process - as are arts. sports, ... last mile service gaps - match with communities where 3 most trusted people arre deb- doctor-educator-banker- how billion poorest asian village women ended poverty of two thords of humans- continental asians    
  lancet one of the greatest missing curricula - peer to peer healht started prior to adolescence- eg life in a day of girl developing in culture when women hold up half the sky health and education grow economies across generation not vice versa    
    flow- csk research of genius- people who maximise percen of lifetime spent at experiential edge of own unique competence   
 opportunity - illiterate adult can be cosched to litercy in 3 months 

idea 0 - written in 1984 , hypotheses teacher of how to transform to best of hi-touch hi-tech opposite to waiting for a virus before ay national ebergy focused on opportunities and threats of digital learning - one early example some new zealand schools thelearningweb around gordon dryden- every opportunity to flip the classroom- student become journalists , teacher become chief searcher and coach not the sage on the stage- action learning flows become personalised- outside the classroom new year fortnight spent on phone in radio show- what is next billion dollar invention new zealand can do because usa wont do?


  feb 2021 -  if you click above we have replaced book still at amazon with dryden youtubes

what happened in 2000 - gordon interviewed on china tv- 

10 million families bought the book and demanded a learning revolution

- compare with the economist's 1977 survey of why china's development 

would depend on the largest happiest learning revolution in future 

history of the human race- why the un snapped up jack ma in 2015 

to be youth entrepreneurs greatest coach across the developing world-

 why ma having become one of the world's greatest market-maker 

promised to go back to his first livelihood teaching from sept2019-

 commerce cannot design purpose of the man happiness markets such as education health going green, 

youth's superstars being those who how communities do celebrate lives matter