Monday, August 14, 2023

Dear Tandon NYU

 TO BE OR NOT: Humanisation of AI seems to be reaching its final denouement 73 years after von Neumann taught my dad Norman Macrae how to question future of digital exponential transformations out of the economist for 5 decades  and as von Neumann's biographer

1950s Neumann-Einstein_Turing now depends almost wholly on female visioning (something started in 2001 by Steve Jobs 65th birthday party for my hero Bangladesh Fazle Abed welcome, 


this month Fei-Fei Li from Stanford starts advising Guterres directly - is your engineering school linking in to UN? or deep mind NY branch at Courant NYU ?
bard chat has helped me map the 50 disciplines Fei-Fei Li helped by Melinda Gates and Condoleezza Rice now benchmark around - see - i would love to understand if Tandon has its own 20 favorite intelligences to connect all women empowering tech and millennials sgds through - if so 'who's your aigood top 20 - this is part of many parallel games we play at Until recently many of my media expert friends thought the gateway to the metaverse would be augmented reality- its now the college year 23-24 race between 1001 language models - translating 1000 mother tongues convergence and code as Pichai has envisioned - which is also where von Neumanns last lectures on computer and brain expected us humans to start envisioning in 1957! : AI Games: Architect Intelligence

all the best to you chris macrae +1 240 316 8157

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