Thursday, November 23, 2023

 Neither Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates had much 20th c experience of the most life critical intelligence goals needed in the poorest third of the world's networks; so 2001-2 both invited Fazle Abed with 30 years deepest experience of empowering Asian poorest development to silicon valley forums- consequently we can say womens intelligence has the deepest record in impacting what technologists exoenentially relevant to UN Sdgs. I 23-24 here are some of the worlds most inspiring women and intelligences they are impacting

Fei_Fei Li AIWHY0 First partnership platforms to prove Impact of Neuroscience/computer vision worlds I see : AI41 all uni AI computer vision research - HAI as every departments AI future; AI42 all age first AI lessons; AI43 US gov ai nation research AI32 ambient health intel research AIF1 Foundation model research  AIWHY3Tonotics-socieety BC2 UN Biotechclimate research; Priscilla Chan BC3 100 Biotech-society labs; Lila Ibrahim -BC1 UK Connector deep mind 200000 proteins ai research; Michelle Donelan : AIWHY1.1 World Series Nation Good AI & Safety Research; Brooklyn's AIWHY01 Clara Wu Train- neuoicience buildings connect lead ai campuses - Stanford, Yale ... AI53 Womens ai superstars and health-performance; AI50 Justice for colored girls communities across inner city USA; Melinda Gates first sponsors of AI42 Fei-Fei Li with Nvidia CEO 2015; AIWHY1.1 First Reporting Chair of UN/ITU AI for Good as integral to realising any SDGs; AI51 Womens lift series includes AI31 & A52 last mile health service (life expectancy) intel build nations; AI53 Women superstars celebrating colored girls who code & AI; Condoleezza Rice AIWHY2  techs policymakers urgently need to see ; AI8.1 Jobs AI17.1 AI as ultimate platform of private, public & deep societal; AI8.2 Rosalinf Picard augmenting skills people with impaired sense

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