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 EE, WLM: The UN SDgoals are deader than a dodo unless you can help us celebrate sequential womens intel

in 2024 celebrate exceptional womens intel is

  •  Lisa Su 11 March 2024 50 minute pod at SbySWest AI is future of computing and the single most transformational technology innovation of the past 50 years. In this opening keynote session, Dr. Lisa Su, Chair and CEO of AMD, will join host Ryan Patel to discuss the future of AI, how millions of people use AMD-powered services everyday, and AMD’s vision to solve the world’s toughest challenges with leading-edge high-performance and adaptive computing.
  • Lori Huang ophthalmologist (cf LarryB)  And Jen-Hsun main co-pilot in addition to AI friends Hopper/Blackwell add refs Ai4all . Co-designing Oregon's brilliant ai collab
  • Lila Ibrahim (now deepmind google previously coursera, kleiner perkins, craig barreett intel) - she knows which ai science breakthroughs can most celebrate humanity and be timely to linkin king charles ai world series- coming from the world of craig barrett (now ASu's crow #1 us end pov tech uni as well as Earth Institute co-founder michael crow now vc of ASU US #1 end poverty tech), doehhrs animating valley from 1982  (Mrs Doehhr chairs Khan academy:, moocs - she can also help tour School's Advisory Board and which climate women are scaling Doehhrs 1 climate school such as
  • Mrs Steve Jobs & Japan-American's Mrs Jerry Yang 
  •  with UNsummitfuture, as well as how far mooc world has advanced since 2009 when daphne koller (with ng) was prepping moocs;- stanford biotech wizard from israel and ibrahim from lebanon can also help linkin Tokyo Mayor Koike (alma mater cairo, King Charles Japan Odyssey began 1964 Tokyo Olympics with entrepreneur sony's morita and Japan royal families mutual water & green interests- his ai world series can benefit from 6 months interning of turing maths and osaka track  (late great abe japan g20 in 2019 along with soc5.0) at osaka expo 2025; very important as King Charles ai stops off paris 2024 is connecting Naomi Osaka and BJKing intelligence superstars assisted by salesforce ai Benioff - his AI womens leadership from Clara Shih connected to Fei-Fei Li by Li's husband Salesforce AI account exec for Gucci and others; 
  • Since 1995 some engineers have been designing over 10000 more intel tech per decade (wiyh moores law multiplying 100 fold more computation and satellite telecoms worldwide sector designing ITU's leap in G from 2G to 3G to 4G to many G; Human centric ( we see AI society (how all peoples data and lifetimes are spent)  was left out to 2012) 
  • Since 2012 Stanford linked in ecosystems gravitated round Fei-Fei LI's 3rd annual global ai summit imagenet ended AI winter; with the possible exception of Priscilla Chan 1  2,  no woman-led foundation has supported LI quite like Melinda Gates - with Nvidia's Jensen Huang birthing li's AI-4-all 2014; from 2016 with Li helping UN leader Guterres integrate aigood as core to un2.0; starting moment of women empowered lift library to include li's worlds I see and basketball superstars A'lA wilson dear Black Girl (with the Paris ai series all inaugural inspirations of ); Brooklyn becomes East Coast most vital womens intelligence sister city with stanford - thanks to Clara Wu Tsai's Barclay Centre, laureate of john jay colored social justice -at brooklyn library world class microcolleges for returning citizens and last year's 6 month celebration on native rap star - see Book of Hov and j-V wide Beyonce; across Brooklyn's golden 2 miles for womens liberty, nyu's tandon school for womens engineers- communities are not built in a day- so  when it comes to diversity's golden oldies of brooklyn women strong - a personal fav is Medgar Evers wife Myrlie Evers without whom Brooklyn's HBUC Medgar Evers would not exist... Rachel Chong's online volunteer platform catchafire is a NY region nap of millennials changing world 
  • UAE's first lady Sheika Moza's contributions to womens higher education, health, refugee education are so extraordinary that that we hope AI education learns from her. In Africa development contributions of Reeta Roy and Ola Brown are so inspiring that we hope they dont get lost in a world that AI designers are yet to prove they fully value regional heroes advancing humanity for decades before AI's summer
  •  with Doudna CRISPR , Koller's 200s also began celebrating big biotech data; with support from yang et al ; Koller with andrew ng began was headhunting fei-fei li with Hassabis sponsored by UK Gatsby neuroscience nets fortunately popping through stanfird 2009- soon with added campus wide report from condy rice - now in her 16th year of her own stanfird 2.0  (hoover stanford setr briefing Dc secretary Raimondo - see cspan feb 2024 ) after Rice had served 200os world as us foreign sec; march madness sees Raimondo launch US Chips march 12 in Maryland's first co-creative summit of 21st C; Katherine Tai may be most important us supply chain designer- USMCA is the first time in my living memory that N Americans have a transparent intergenerational chance at designing win-win trades between USA, Canada & Mexico; Tai's intelligence on this task is inspiring
  • Millions of kids in India are winning thanks to 21st C Maria Montessori intel  gravitated around Sunita Gandhi's  nb 90 day solution to ending illiteracy. What amazes us is how few other countries are interested in tapping into this intelligence; it also makes you wonder are any chats actually concerned with becoming  effective personal learning agent
  • Grace Hopper much loved historical icon of america women in tech (famously celbrated nvidia's 80 billion chip now 2nd in capacity to blackwell; 2017 grace hopper convention californai hit record of nearly 20000 in person delegates in association with anita.b network and speakers like fei-fei li and melinda gates ; but) as ai advances impacts everywhere it is unbclear what future role of GHC as such is - we do need a womens community world deepest organsiation but we needf that to be connect with brilliant community data peopke and this links to wider political problems across us: is ai in education going to be designed as learner-centric, community-centric unlesds the whole of public education wants 2.0 transformation)
Some other greatest intelligence herroines of 21st C :
Katalin Kariko (historically undervalued by big pharma) without whom Covid vaccinations might have taken a lot longer
A lot of ai advances have been made in terms of computers visioning and indeed using the 5 senses humans use, its important to value augmentation eg how advances in ai sensing can reciprocally been applied to eg humans who have one or more of their senses impaired. MIT's Rosalind Picard has been passionate in this field for over 20 years with Affectiva co-dounder Egyptian-American Rana el Kaliouby- we asked Gemini to add some parallel references to heroines of brain augmentaion here 

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  1. Gemini: Katalin Karikó's work on mRNA vaccines faced an uphill battle for many years within the pharmaceutical industry. Here's a breakdown of the reasons why:

    Technical Hurdles: Early on, mRNA vaccines faced significant technical challenges. The immune system often reacted negatively to unmodified mRNA, and delivering it effectively into cells proved difficult.
    Limited Funding: Due to these technical hurdles and a lack of proven success stories, pharmaceutical companies were hesitant to invest heavily in mRNA vaccine research. Investors were more interested in areas with a proven track record and faster potential returns.
    Skepticism within the Scientific Community: The concept of mRNA vaccines was relatively new and unproven in the early stages of Karikó's research. Many scientists were skeptical about its viability, making it difficult to secure funding and collaboration.
    Here's how Karikó persevered:

    Dedication and Persistence: Despite the challenges, Karikó remained dedicated to her research. She believed in the potential of mRNA vaccines and continued her work even when funding was scarce.
    Focus on Fundamental Science: Karikó's research focused on understanding the basic biology of mRNA and how to overcome the technical hurdles. This approach laid the foundation for future advancements in mRNA technology.
    Collaboration: While facing resistance in big pharma, Karikó found collaborators outside the mainstream, including Drew Weissman, with whom she co-developed the key modifications to mRNA that made it a viable vaccine platform.
    The tide eventually turned:

    Breakthroughs: With Karikó and others' continued research, scientists made significant breakthroughs in overcoming the technical challenges of mRNA vaccines.
    Early successes: The success of mRNA vaccines in pre-clinical trials and initial human studies started to generate more interest from pharmaceutical companies.
    The COVID-19 Pandemic: The urgency of developing a vaccine for COVID-19 created a perfect storm for mRNA technology. Because of the groundwork laid by Karikó and others, mRNA vaccines were well-positioned for rapid development, proving their effectiveness and paving the way for wider acceptance.
    Karikó's story highlights the importance of basic science research and perseverance in the face of challenges. Her work on mRNA vaccines, though initially considered "unfashionable" in big pharma, has revolutionized vaccinology and has the potential to be applied to a variety of diseases.