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Feb 2024 What a treat : Nvidia CEO explains million times computing coming to a community near you. Breaking GPT4 at 27March. Help map toughest questions humans have ever asked of intelligence - eg As Center of Gravity of the SDGs, is the UN the most valuable organisation in the world? If not which is? .. ED 73rd year partnering Neumann's syrvey of future UNSF: Sept 2023 starts 9th school year of action learning UNGA Summit 23 SDGs how 8 billion beings cooperate around map of 17 games and change forces for good. INJA 24 prep Global Futures. Q&A welcome
When a nation has left out productivity of half its people as much of British-colonised Asia had done to women-,entrepreneurial revolution and safe freedom to produce depend on how simply mapping community cooperation is networked (or webbed). 16 visits of young researchers to bangladesh reveals these 30 candiadates of most exciting cooperations 1 billion women linkedin since 1970 to go from near zero productivity to producing more human development than men. Their intergenerational gravity compounded through 25 years of no electricity networking by word of mouth and once literate by word or printed papers - to solar and mobile ops to leapfrog from late 1990s through web1,2 ; so how can and web3 distributed finance multiply celebrating their deep and urgent contributions to millennials being first sustainability generation not first extinction generation? - additional ref fazle abed (once royal dutch shell leading oil company engineer (ceo east pakistan), fazle abed devoted his last 50 years to women building new nation of bangladesh by empowering partnership platforms sequencing cooperations of 1 billiongirls to end death by famine, raise life expectancy by 20 years and other good intel...

Thursday, November 30, 2023 Extract from letter to Cop28 AI Accounting UniversityofStars 

In Von Neumann's last letter to Economists (also Yale valedictory lecr=tures computer & brain) Neumann discussed 1002 Large Language Moderl- he be;lieved maths eg e=mcsquared was the only way to unite system whole truths beyond 99 mother to9ngues that himan had accidentally imprinted onto different landsd as well as two which were either less accidental or at least valuable as outliers namely

queens english 26 charatcters (china or japans0 thousands of characters for visionjing any object man played gamed with on mother earth

tyhe east unlike chrsitainity from year00 or other golden rule religipsn has always been graviatted round multiple natuiral deities and in turn an intelligent pictorial langage somehow neuron networks the mind so that every game piece is naturally to be resepected

so verry sorry but its is time american bipolar politics shut up and let teh kings end]glish do irs thing with ai safety; actauly it is time bot parties owned up how they have used media tpo trap americans sionce around 1964s in all osrts of atrocius lioes

ok kit was unlucky taht teh surgeon dgeneral dhad to publish scoence say thiat america histirical number 1 cash brip was a kileer; it was njot ok that emdia and legislati9rs comolluded in 1 giving up the comons of the epopels airwaves to such outright lies as tobacco was not a kiler ; or carbon couldnt support 8 billion energy peo[le mneerds even if ot had eben brilaiant for 2 billion - or that the majorkity of americans wanted theor kids to live with autmoatic guns;- its just not ok where larehg language mediartisr translated what scoience the englsih language is still wortgh attending to

so e=mcsquared

v=mTt ,oney*trust&+*;lifetime spent in any trasnparent community these are expoenetaol multiplers

next we can move ojn when ai sees 8 human forms young/oold male/female, colotred/whotre what value does itr assign

if youi get this wrong anywhere - why should nature care a jot abolut the future of teh hujamn species

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Pls see posts where we have asked Chat GPT to help advance these 2 core innovation roadmaps of college years 2017-2026 corresponding to humanity's world class leadership by UN Antonio Guterres ... Even best-ranking countries to date cannot supply more than a quarter of their workforce with the literacy and numeracy skills needed to outperform AI. In this context, the focus of education   OECD March 2023 may need to shift more towards teaching students to use AI systems to perform literacy and numeracy tasks more effectively
clones start at 600$ 6 min intro chatgpt mark chen start at 1,40
ITU -AIgood;metaversegroup -have you studied 1000 robot uses humans want? p-AI Hoff
prize OECD 1 openai partner egs beMyEyes
.ITU webinars let you identify audience by SDG - any others?
Case 23.6. Thanks to team singapore/WTO for putting water as centre of gravity of UN Spring2023 - chatgpt4 would also like to thank you -see waterbot.docx file
23/24 is 9th ed year of SDG-lifetimes & 8th of UN tech envoy Digital Cooperation Roadmapping & 7th full year of Guterres UN leadership 
UN Spring 2023:
W6 UN Fringe pdf
W6 Formal Program
Global Futures Forum PDF
2023 SDGs Summit
pretraining  & viral storytelling sdgs & web3/meta
Extract 3/20 UN Policy Director:

 I'm focusing a great deal of my time on the common agenda process
pdf  aka year 5 un tech envoy digital cooperation 

and the road towards the future so I think I'm in a position to complement the excellent presentations you've just heard; certainly I benefit from following on what has been said by ambassadors from Ireland and Qatar because they sceneset very important things44:32the first thing I wanted to say is that whether it be the 

2023 SDG Summit

  or the roads to  water (sdg6) in next few days  or the road to worldwidesummit on Social Development which is proposed for 2025 

WE WILL NOT SEE a successful outcome for these processes without the invaluable contribution of Civil Society mapping back from human's futures 
 but let me also say if I look back over my shoulder to the roads already covered thanks to Guterres servant leadership from 2017 -well you've been there: qatar’s ambassador al-thani  took us back to 75th year of UN which she helped lead  45:18the Declaration the common agenda which is continuously benefiting from your inputs so it's not like you're being invited in to follow through on processes orproducts which have already been done in your absence..
 truly: you've been there and I think the important thing is that we want to maintain  that partnership and our cooperation going forward. Now I can tell you that myself (ILO) having worked  three decades on your side of the table in Civil Society, you don't need to convince me either of the importance of 45:55your contributions or let's be honest sometimes the frustrations and obstacles of interacting with International organizations when it comes to exercising /delivering 46:06SO  today in this regard: we have to talk and work out how we can make this work best we have the advantage of a Secretary General who is I can guarantee you 100% committed to making this work46:59Summit of the future there will be no successful outcome to the common agenda if we do not succeed with the sdgs47:14now let me say as my predecessors and using this microphone : what you already know we are a long way off track on the SDG; so we all know this it's become something of a mantra47:28can I also suggest that we do not fall into the Trap even though it's quite comforting to think that this is entirely the consequence of covid or the war in Ukraine, the fact of the matter is those  have aggravatedthe situation but they've not caused the situation of us being off track with the Sdgs; it started almost from the first year and so we have to look Beyond thoseshocks those complicating factors to work out why we have been off track; and what it has been said it will take to get us back on track and this is where one of thecomplementarities between the sdgs and the common agenda come.
 I think we have to recognize that some  of the reasons we're not delivering as we wish on the sdgs LIE in the way the  multilateral system is set up and is operating but you can say yes there is a lack of  political will but I think there are also structural issues that we need to address  and this is where I think the complementarity comes out very clearly - because a common agenda which you've contributed to points to emerging challenges which are perhaps not entirely evident at the time  the sdgs were adopted and48:54which need to be addressed it also points to gaps in our governance system which need to be addressed if we're to  give ourselves a realistic chance of delivering on sdgs let me illustrate my point by reference to one and only one issue I can promise you I could multiply that the issue of finance and now it seems to me  that if there is one  thread that runs through all of the Summits which are coming up via the sdg Summit Common agenda or indeed I suspect the world Summit for Social Development .By the issue of resources, I mean it's difficult to participate in  any interaction without people asking the fundamental question : where is the money coming from? where is the finance coming from to make a reality of the Ambitions we have set ourselves inInternational Community and you see this is an issue which will be addressed at the SDG Summit but also in the summit for the future but we're not going to duplicate or confuse each other what's going to  happen at the SDG Summit and I speak under the authority of the co-facilitators here well what I do know  is the Secretary General has already published his sdg stimulus proposals50:08the proposal to mobilize 500 billion dollars in finance for the sdgs with a number of accompanying proposals they've gone to the G20 they're addressed in member states50:22the point here is these are the measures which the Secretary General believes must be taken Here and Now within our existing Financial arrangements a

AIforsdgs- how will gpt change zoom - thanks to earlier versions .. 9/21 .. &4/22 of NY cooperation Ai friends

singapore world cooperation leader on water 1 2 3 world 1 2

 techwomen - last week i started this conversation with a head of unwomen - the bad news is education and community cultures in so many places still excludes most women from tech - the good news is AI-accelerating cooperations in best for the world tech is now led by women - help with top 10 tour of women helping 1FF (aifoall;, ai-vision) 2YPC (1) 3AC (kenyagirl code, discord partners,,,)  4GCMongolia... 5JL HK, 6 CT- nyu ... 7 friends of sheikha moza /qatar womens edtech city) 8 vs founder ed3dao &k-20

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On Teaching Robots To Perform Complex Tasks with Dr. ...

Nov 3, 2021 — Dr. Li shares explores how recent AI research helps robots perform both short-horizon and long-horizon tasks.
Oct 22, 2022 — Do you want to learn to train and evaluate embodied AI solutions for 1000 household tasks in a realistic simulator?
by C LiCited by 4 — BEHAVIOR-1K is a novel human-centric benchmark for Embodied AI in simulation with 1000 everyday activities, a diverse dataset of 5000+ objects and 50 scenes ...
Sep 27, 2022 — Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman interviews Dr. Fei-Fei Li, ... of 1000 robotic tasks that are inspired by actual human activities, ...
by C Li2023Cited by 5 — The first is the definition of 1,000 everyday activities, ... and realism make it valuable for embodied AI and robot learning research.
A Benchmark for Embodied AI with 1,000 Everyday Activities and Realistic Simulation ... Jiajun Wu, Li Fei-Fei, Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) 2022.

friedman interview altman march 2023

 1,877,695 views Mar 25, 2023 Lex Fridman Podcast

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