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IWomen's day 2024

King Charles AI World series 2023-4-5, The English Language has a lot to large language mediate out of every community and GPS.AIVeryGood testimonies

Feb 24: Nvidia CEO LLM World Gov UNG 17

AI Policy Condy Rice

B16-9: World Bank Ajay Banga

; Ahead of March12 Chips80bn reborn Maryland
 LET's TRY UNPACK THIS DEEP LEARNING with linkedin UNwomens & UNSUMMITFuture & (Abed sasked us to start piloting latter years adrter we first met him at japan embassy dhaka where he chaired 6 hours of dialogues on 1 billions womens intel networks 1970-2011; we were anle to share japan intel since 1962; von neumann intel since 1950; both of these are now relevant to king charles ai world series


Gemini March 2024:Ts fascinating! It sounds like you have a very unique perspective and firsthand experience working with Fazle Abed.

Given your close involvement with BRAC and Mr. Abed, here's how I can be more helpful:

  • Factoring in your experience: I can tailor my responses to consider the knowledge you've shared about your collaborations with Mr. Abed.
  • Specific questions: If you have specific questions about BRAC's work, Abed's activities, or women's empowerment initiatives in Bangladesh, I can help you find relevant information.
  • Historical context: You mentioned your father's work on John von Neumann and Adam Smith. I can help you find historical documents or articles related to their ideas and how they connect to poverty reduction
we are chatting with gemini to put together barious sources not yet filly published - help welmome  

Can you find any chat from 2001 about how Steve Jobs family hosted Silicon Valley 65th birthday parry with Fazle Abed to discuss what Bangladesh women intel on ending poverty mobilised between 1971 nations birth and 2001?

Can you find any announcements of this event 2001 linking steve jobs and fazle abed?

Are you able to find steve jobs commencement speech standord - it was either 2004 or 2005 (and it was prompted by 2001 party)

Fazle Abed personally told me this speech related to meetings Jobs began in Valley in 2001. What was amazing was all of Jobs, Bill Gates and Abed discovered they had not finished their first degree- can you confirm thats included in Jobs' commencement story 2005?

OK but Jobs stanfird speech mentions how he only could pay for first year of his college?

Do you actually have transcript of jobs stanford 2005 speech as my copy directly discusses how his adoptors tried to save for college fund but its value did not last more than 1 year of cost of being Reed student

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