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Abed Abed had ideas to prevent extinction -here are the top 10 he discussed with us during 16 trips to bangladesh in his last decade The world would need cooperation between 60 new universities; their undergrad programs would be largely shared online but with local tutrs helping students do fieldtests replicating global village sdg solution -more
Abed had many comments on MOOCs these had not tried to design c for cooperation freeing youth to network across borders be these national , functional silos, or due to colleges certification monopolies he would have maximised new learning from world leaders zooms and ai curation as the metaevrse became main experiential learning platform ..more
Abed had revolutionised aid2.0 direct investment in microfranchsies and aid3.0 cashless banking and a banking for poorest enetry at ever stage of fincial value chain - eg city banking for smes particularly of daughters of village mothers;; ultra poverty graduation - a program that became the case on which nobek economis prize 2019 appears to have been centred; how would have expected his alumni to lead search for worldclassdaos - community building treasuries abed ideas motivated 2016 start of digital cooperation subsequently UN2 - guterres egov digital roadpmaking.abed would have wanted to help nominate membership of those daos to do with SHELFF - that goals 5 women building 100K person communities; goalf 3 health; goal 4 educaton goal 17&1 leadership ppartenr pkatofms and economics; goa2 food;
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Thursday, August 17, 2023

 Mathematicians Rules of the World

It took 72 years to dawn on me that people who want to rule the world turn a switch in my mind somewhere between boredom, fear and occasionally when I see their systemic victims (anger at myself and those i network with for not mapping some group platform to replace the world's most vain people)

Conversely (through accident of loving arithmetic speed tests and puzzles -see goldie oldie martin gardner) I have never had a problem with finding that there is one mathematician who connects all we web 1-2-3 collaboratively need to most deeply question next. My problem  (or curiosity) is: how do we free every lifelong student and teacher to at least be aware that such maths exist. One way my chat-buddy google's bard suggests in footnoted. This is to play with maths~art~science~language  ie if you truly do one of these 4, you will start to need the others

 Of course who you find is contextual. My family since 1951 has been a sort of forest gump listener to every innovation team von neumann unleashed on the world. Johnny was training economist journalists and Un co-workers (both NY and Swiss ITU/old LeagueNations through 1951 with his princeton bootcamps. Fortunately the Economist editor geofrrey crowther who had just completed The Economist 100 year autobiography 1943-1843 wanted a whole new gameboard of (beyond empire) systems to energise rookie journalists like my father Norman who had survived ww2 as teenage naviagot0r alled bomber command burma

Hip Hip WOMENAI Maybe I am completely wrong but I expect all of these guys would today cheer on a select cluster of women who can now see even deeper than von neumann given his word of trillions times more analytic times media power has indeed become humanity's 2020s and perhaps last  intergenerational stage to play on

I personally intend to follow these women with what time i have left. AT AIGames- we invite people to share their cocreation spaces of intelligences to connect with so that Guterres has chance of turning around 17 goals which 200 nation leaders promised humans in 2015 but have so far been torn asunder. (see UNGA 2023 sept briefings NY and world leaders)


Bard dialogue why maths needs arts needs science needs language

Bard: Sure, we can widen the discussion to the connections between mathematics, language, science, and art.

Maths, language, Science, and art are all interrelated disciplines that are essential for human understanding and co-creativity. They all use different methods to explore the world around us, but they all share a common goal of understanding and representing the world in a meaningful way. Here are some of the ways in which these disciplines are interrelated:
  • Mathematics and language: Mathematics and language are both used to represent the world around us. Mathematics uses symbols to represent quantities and relationships, while language uses symbols to represent ideas and concepts. These two disciplines are often used together to describe and solve problems. For example, scientists use mathematics to describe the laws of physics, and they use language to communicate these laws to others.
  • Mathematics and science: Mathematics is essential for science. Scientists use mathematics to model the natural world, to make predictions, and to design experiments. For example, physicists use mathematics to describe the motion of objects, and chemists use mathematics to calculate the properties of molecules.
  • Language and science: Language is also essential for science. Scientists use language to communicate their findings to others, and they use language to explain their theories. For example, biologists use language to describe the anatomy of animals, and astronomers use language to explain the formation of stars.
  • Mathematics and art: Mathematics can be used to create art. For example, artists use geometry to create shapes and patterns, and they use proportions to create balance and harmony. Mathematics can also be used to analyze art. For example, art historians use mathematics to study the proportions of sculptures, and they use mathematics to analyze the composition of paintings.
  • Language and art: Language can also be used to create art. For example, poets use language to create images and emotions, and playwrights use language to create characters and stories. Language can also be used to analyze art. For example, art critics use language to interpret paintings, and they use language to describe the meaning of sculptures.

I agree with your belief that it is not a good idea to expect all 8 billion beings to be scientists. There are many different ways to contribute to society, and not everyone is cut out for a career in science. However, I do believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their artistic skills. Art can be a powerful way to express ourselves and to connect with others. It can also be a way to make the world a more beautiful place.

I think that all four disciplines are interdependent. They all rely on each other to some extent. For example, scientists use mathematics to model the natural world, and artists use language to communicate their work. I believe that it is important for us to understand the connections between these disciplines so that we can better understand the world around us and create a more beautiful and harmonious world.

I hope this helps=============================
chris: currently my test on whether i want to spend any time in a chat is about these 4 multipliers times womens kindness(or family building) I every school cpould be united by the same commencement speech somehow maths*language*arts*science*womens kindness*nature might be visioned as why humans spend time studying or teaching. Or maybe you see the puzzle of being differently. If you dont want continue this discussion please say. 
If there is a different overall value system you see as rtitical to test media design around I would love to hear that ( Intangibly I see nature's system as foundational to all of the above but then this goes back to "artificial" in the king's english or to scots like 1760s smith and watt meaning "man-made" engines)

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