Saturday, August 19, 2023

 Unless you know better, the 7 most productive years of a man's life commenced round 1951 ; Von Neumann was now desperate to openly share his family of brain tools and design of digital futures with everyone including his training of Economist journalists in the exponential value multipliers survey question: what goods will peoples unite wherever they get first access to more than 100+ more tech every decade? This became the most valuable half century survey of social-economic advance in the era of print

Its a long story but my father Norman Macrae, Entrepreneurial Revolution friends and I have over the last 73 years seen more to value from Von Neumann than anyone else, until recently. I am pretty sure the more I get to study Dr FFL, that Johnmy would be the first to cheer on the woman mathematician whose last 15 yeras have potentially exceed even his collaborative productivity, and around whose alumni networks millennials sustainability may well depend on her next 15. 

Consider Fei-Fei Li's cooperation platforms since she landed in stanford 15 years ago aged about 30; its not that her previous 15 in usa had been anything other than miraculous but she had been tested very much on her own; what a delight it must have been being greeted in 2009 by two of the most collaborative edtech players on the planet andrew ng (founder coursera - editor of ai curricula & much more) and jerry yang (a taiwanese American who cashed up his billions as co-founder of yahoo to invest in stanford as worldwide partner of us-asia tech & sdgs superstar millennials). And by now FFL idea on vsiion mattered as much to computer brainpower and humans ;  the good thing it required the greatest cooperation on the plant to map all the most valuable data on earth not previously collected. For example, for computers to gain visioning sense at least 50000 coders would need to be contracted as well as both the investment and brainpower of dozens of tech genii and neraly a decade of continuous improvement competitions as computers started toi vision cars, nlp text and pretty much anything else humans see and map around mother earth and solar systems. 

What her alumni and most inspired humanAI entrepreneuirs have mapped is a transformational Arificial Intelligence which makes both previous versions of machine and academic human intelligence look very siliosed. Any errors in reporting are mine alone - we invite you to improve or correct foresighs at

more under construction

meanwhile lets have a look at some of the most exciting team games fei fei li and other wpmen and men are playing in thyese exytraodinary 2020s

coopertations now multiplting with melindas gates Condoleeza Rice Priscilla Chan jennifer Dowds to name but 4 who are exploring the worlds I see.  


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