Thursday, February 1, 2024

IF Fei Fei Li was a university we see her alumni sharing her north star ai4all changing education so everyone is improving everyone's intelligence; 
her south star remains as per her undergraduate days as curious physicist inspired by einstein natures ai; 
what changed the world was li choosing to do a phd aimed at bring neuorscience and computation together for first time since the death of Neumann-Einstein-Turing - ; fortuately stanford in 2009 was looking for someone happy to spend a decade hosting the most co-creative worldwide competition with urgency millennials need to be the renewable generation

IMAGENET - how we code computers to id with the 20000 entities humans most work/play on mother earth- when neural network algorithms proved computers could vision with 20000 entities imagenet (that took 20 million images altogether to emerge deep learning) so ending ai winter and  awakening every investment power in the valley and human intelligence; hassabis natural science ai being the bet that computers could deep data map 250 million proteins of nature; the first 2 leaders to give li extra support were nvidia's ceo jensen huang and melinda gates- their funding co-created education ai's most open ngo and the rest is the future of the woman who fingers crossed will have a long enough life to be greatest maths wiz of all time
We can use 12 dimensions of worlds to see on others who can multiply intelligence goods - coming soon condoleezza rice - or see what happened in DC last week 

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