Sunday, February 4, 2024

 Cooperation's deepest learning network emerged from Asian (two thirds of) human development and celebrates biggest population-good advance ever seen in one 30 year generative cycle. This revolves round oral rehydration without which maternal intelligence impacting a quarter of humans in tropical Asian continent were constrained life expectancy in 40s through the end of the 20th c (ie while village Asia meant with no electricity grids and no outside communications lines except word of mouth and where literae word of book)

Engineering advances in Intelligence WHY: Womens*Humans*Youth -AI URGENT CROSSROADS

when it comes to 22 leading women intelligences to have linked in with silicon valley as humanity's greatest hope that AI will celebrate WHY ( intel needed for millennials to generate sustainability we have guessed at sequence importance from 2001- why because tech valley's most influential female hosts to be linked in from 2001 were first gravitated around 65th birthday wish party of fazle abed (see abedmooc) are  Mrs Jobs Gates Doehhr; Mrs Yang, Koike Osaka and Brown due to Japanese education will have known and applied oral rehydration's foundational importance to healthy family development (life expectancy) in tropics; Roy Moza Koller Ibrahim connections with middle east will have made knowhow elementary to their upbringing ;  Maguire, Fei-Fei Li, Karika, Doudna Priscilla Chan will also have grown up with this knowhow but their impacts linking in AI world as well as Stanford appear to have occurred from 2009 onwards; whilst remaining five may have known about dirty water's killing more recent as their own platforms have converged with the other women intelligence multipliers

 Health Intelligence World's most valued Case Study- Economies do not grow across generations of a nation (let alone generative intelligence) wherever kids die of water born diseases and until such last mile service cures raise life expectancy from 40s to 60s. Before the innovation of engines type 4 (communications) and 5 (electricity) mediated worldwide out of Switzerland, this grand challenge was discovered by queen victoria 1860 when her envoy (James) for building chartered bank by and for quarter of human beings dies of diarrhea 1860; discovery was tragically repeated 1884 on one of first trips to Rome by one of the first leaders of Pacific Coast America under English speaking admin; but it wasnt until 1972 that the mothers built what was to be the 8th most populous nation; and it wasnt known to PC world leading families Jobs & Gates to 2001. Whilst this is in human population terms the most valuable study, monetarily its transactional weatlh is near zero because the cure is every mother knowing how to give infants a precise recipe of bi=oiled water sugar salt. Life critical knowhow applied in time actions above zero sum trading models that cause big bankers of zero sum games to spin ignorance lobbies to ever more terrifying heights.

  • Womens Valley Deep Intel Case1 Year 24 (Abed)*Jobs*Gates*Doehhr ... Yang*Koike*Osaka*Brown*Roy*Koller*Moza*Ibrahim*Maguire*Li*Tsai*Karika*Doudna*Priscila Chan*Condy Rice*Biles*YKim*King*Mackenzie

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